Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the end (?)

a very merry and blessed Christmas to you all.

as you may have noticed, it has been some time since my last post.
i'm now bored with my photo blog and with my point-and-shoot digicam.
that is why i have decided to stop adding posts in this photoblog.
you can still view photos from previous posts but i won't be adding new stuff anymore.

btw, i have now upgraded cameras.
i have just purchased a canon eos 400d. woohoo! [grin]
i got tired of my old digicam's limitations.
the two photos above are from my new cam.
i lowered the resolution to make the file size smaller.

thanks to all those who visit my photoblog regularly.
if in case i start another photoblog, i'll let you know.
take care and God bless. Ü