Monday, February 28, 2005


on our way to cloud 9 in antipolo, my friends and i had dinner at grilla (which shared its roof with the old spaghetti house).
one good thing about dining here was the view of the city.
the photo above is composed of two photos merged into one.
i wanted to make the photo longer by merging more than two photos but they weren't exactly aligned.

btw, the best thing about this place is their mudpie.
yum, yum. the best! [grin]
too bad i wasn't able to get a photo of it...
we were too occupied with enjoying the dessert.
we also tried the cookie ala mode.
it was good... but i'd rather have the mudpie. hehehe.

hide and seek

as i mentioned before, one of my goals is to take a great shot of a beautiful sunset.
i still have yet to achieve this...
i can't seem to be at the right place and at the right time whenever an opportunity arises.
the photo above was taken from our office building.
the sun was already partially hidden when i decided to bring out my digicam.
still, the photo was quite satisfactory since the sky looked great. Ü

looking up

do you recognize these buildings?
if you don't, then you should visit makati some time.
makati is quite a sight at night because of its lights and tall buildings.
the photo is of the rcbc plaza and the gt towers along ayala avenue.

Friday, February 25, 2005


taken from the parking lot outside our office building. Ü

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


these photos were products of another experiment i did.
i wanted to see the effect of using long exposures.
the ghostlike effect was spooky...
truthfully, i wanted to see if i could look like the flash. hehehe.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


this is another great photo by sam.
see my previous entry for his other photos.
a wallpaper version of this photo can be found on his website.
i wonder when my photos will be this great.

Monday, February 21, 2005


just camera tripping... [grin]

the park

these photos were taken during our trip to avilon zoological park in montalban this past weekend.
the park looks great even though it was just 70% completed.
the animals they had are healthier as compared to those in manila zoo.
it showed that the animals are being given proper care, which is a good thing.
the zoo provided the animals ample space and living quarters that closely resembled natural surroundings.
i'm not really that satisfied with my photos, though.
i wasn't able to charge my digicam so my battery ran out sooner than i expected.
most of my photos were of birds and small animals behind glass or bars. the view was limited so the photos weren't that great.
too bad i wasn't able to take photos of the siberian tiger, cougar, and ostrich.

hey... see the last pic above.
it's of an eagle and a monkey.
just kidding, jay-ar... hehehe. Ü

Thursday, February 17, 2005

a daily dose

i came upon these photos while checking out the nominees for the 2005 weblog awards.
the photoblog category caught my attention.
of the 5 nominees for this category, i liked daily dose of imagery and the best.
the two photos above came from the daily dose photoblog by sam javanrouh.
try checking it out... you'll find a lot of cool photos. Ü

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

a flower of the sun

i know, i know...
not another shot of flora...
what can i say?
my choices of subjects are currently limited.
i guess it's time again to take another vacation. [smirk]
you know what?
my goal is to take a great shot of a beautiful sunset.
too bad i missed the one we saw in bora.
oh well... the opportunities are aplenty. Ü

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

seeing double

the cats in the photo look very identical.
they even seem to be twins. hehe.
actually, the cats are one and the same.
this photo is a product of my camera's coupling mode, which i enjoy experimenting with.
two shots are taken then merged into one.
cool huh?!

hey... i have a twin!

Monday, February 14, 2005


oh man!
i'm having a bora hangover. [grin]
please take us back to the beach. [sigh]
i guess i'll just turn on my daydreaming mode. hehe.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

cool bora nights

ah... the night scene.
this is the life! [grin]
after a hearty dinner and a walk along the beach, we decided to lie on the sand and watch the sky.
man, the stars were so beautiful...
we even saw a shooting star. [grin]
being there with great friends made the moment even more perfect. Ü

hot bora sun

ah... the beach! [grin]
what a way to relax...
man, if only we could stay longer. [sigh]
i already miss the cool water...
the soft sand...
the beautiful sights...
and most of all, i miss the laid-back way of life.
hey, speaking of sights...
is that a topless lady i see in the photos? [double grin]
you won't probably notice her at first. i know i didn't.
i even had second thoughts if she was really a "she". Ü

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

cool and calm

isn't the photo cool or what? [grin]
i took this during our trip in iloilo.
this was from the nearby beach which was close to the UP campus.
i noticed that the sun shone brightly only on the distant waters but didn't really pay attention to the scene.
it was only when jnne told me to capture the scene that i realized it was a great shot.
this photo kinda looks like my present screensaver.
here's a screenshot for you to see...
whatcha think? hehe. Ü


this is the church of miag-ao in iloilo.
i can't remember exactly its history but all i can say is that it's captivating.
the church is old but not dilapidated since it's well maintained.
too bad i couldn't get better photos of its front view as well as inside it.
my digicam's battery ran out so i had to improvise and use my phone's camera.
oh well... Ü


the sinalakayan festival in miag-ao, iloilo celebrates the history of the town's victory against the moro invaders.
the celebration is highlighted by a contest of parades from different schools and areas.
each group or "tribo" of contestants presented their rendition of the moro invasion and how the town bravely turned back the invaders.
each parade was colorful and lively and each "tribo" gave their best which showed not only through their dances but also through the costumes and props they used.

Monday, February 07, 2005


flowers always make for beautiful photos.
i saw these orchids during my vacation in iloilo.
i always try to get the best angle to present flowers in my photos.
i'm not sure if i got the best angle for this photo, though.
the sun was too bright and i didn't have that much space to manuever with.
still, i guess i'm pretty satisfied with the shot i got.

rays of hope

our trip back to pangasinan from baguio was smooth and fast.
these photos were taken from inside the car.
since i was driving, jnne and her cousin jeng were the ones holding the digicam.
the photos they took were great...
of course, it lacked my distinct touch... hehehe. Ü