Monday, January 31, 2005

fountain under the lights

another fountain shot.... with a different setting.
this was somewhere in intramuros...
as usual i forgot the name of the place.
i'm sure someone out there would help me out. hehe. Ü

the moon is out

this is a shot of a full moon on a november night.
do notice anything unusual?
look closer...
see anything yet?
try inverting the picture then zooming in closer...
kinda sappy huh?
believe me it wasn't intentional.
i didn't even notice it at first.
jnne was the first one who noticed it.
the unusual photo was due to the slow shutter speed of the digicam...
and yeah, i have unsteady and shaky hands...
i guess i really need a tripod... [wink]


one of my favorite subjects to shoot. Ü
these are some orchids from our backyard.
you know what?
sometimes i think i'd rather be a photographer than an engineer. hehe.
there's just so much i would love to capture.
maybe in my next lifetime... [grin]


can you guess the place? =p
this was such a relaxing day.
this was sometime in november of last year.
i was just bumming around enjoying the view.

fountain of youth

just playing around with the camera...
this was in alabang town center during a rainy day.


one of the first photos i took using my new digicam... Ü
man... i love my new camera.
this was taken in filinvest corporate city in alabang (sept. '04)
the photo isn't as clear as i wanted it to be...
but hey... i was just beginning to get the feel of the cam.
let's see if i improve...